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Brainkite sets up shop at the Niagara Falls Public Library for November

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In conjunction with Community Artists Niagara (C.A.N.) Brainkite will be setting up shop throughout the month of November 1-2 nights a week to work on our ongoing Cardboard City project!  Come and join us if you’d like and try your hand at making a building or just simply just to observe.  We will be there every Monday night in November between 6-9 and it would be our pleasure to have your participation!  Don’t be afraid to get ahold of us to see what other days we will be at the library.

Behind the Scenes at STRUTT

Our Co-op  student Laurent recently helped us out with an art piece that was a selected work for STRUTT Wearable Art Show in St. Catharines.  The event was amazing collection of artwork, music, dance, and acrobatics, visually stunning for all those who attended.  You can check out a video of some highlights of the night on this link from the St. Catharines Standard,

Here is a post from Lauren about her experience working on this project:

I helped Katie Webb prepare her web costumes for the wearable fashion show; STRUTT. She reused the web installation by recreating them into unique costumes that tied around the feet and wrists of various girls in the show. It was incredibly awesome seeing the many costumes people created. They were all so exceptional and innovative. While I was helping Katie with the costumes, the trapeze and rope artists were practicing, which was awesome to watch. STRUTT has many different art forms integrated into the show, which makes it interesting to many different viewers. The Niagara Roller Derby girls were incorporated into the show, as well as BMX riders.  I helped Katie put new balloons into the tights, since the previous ones had deflated. This was the last step in preparing for the show. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it on Saturday November 3rd when STRUTT was taking place, but next year I will be sure not to miss such this unique event in our own community!

Window painting season is here!

Window painting season is here and Brainkite is ready and excited to add some holiday cheer to your storefront! Check out our new postcard advertisment and let us know if you’d like a few to pass along to friends or family.

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Brainkite’s wild window paintings

Whether you are looking for something traditional or wacky and off the wall Brainkite will meet your needs!  Can you guess which ones we did at Ripley’s Believe it or Not one year?

Brainkite: An awesome place to work

A post from our Co-Op student Aaron:

“I remember when I first came in to my grade 12 year knowing I had co-op, I was a little bit nervous because I had never had a great job before that I actrually liked, and I wanted to make sure that I got the placement that I wanted. At first I was supposed to go to Cogeco, but there was a miscommunication, and I could not get in. So I went for the police department and foundations, I got an interview and I thought it went really well, three of us went in, but another guy got the job. I was quite upset because I thought there was no other job that had to do with video editing that I could go for.  But then my co-op teacher told me she found one more place, called Brainkite. I was kinda scared because I thought I would not get hired, so, I called the name on my paper called “Adam Buller”. I got the answering machine and I kinda felt lousy but I left a message, hoping he would reply. Later that day I was playing a game at home and the phone rang, I picked it up and it was Adam. He told me that he wanted me to come in and that he had a bunch of stuff he needed top be edited and asked if I was interested, I could not be any more interested. I walked into Brainkite and thought that was was quite cool, for some reason the words “exotic” came to mind after the tour, this was my kind of place.

The actual experience here is quite awesome, the first day that I came in I got to work right away, there was no needed silly explaining what my work was gonna be like, I just got to work! Adam told me he needed a city ambience noises with different effects, and to “not bore him”, so I made sure that I didn’t, I had a riot in the ambience, police cars, people talking etc. After that I did a video that was to show the behind the scenes look on making the cardboard buildings, and to show everyone making the buildings and having a good time. After that, I got to be in the news paper with Adam and the other cardboard buildings as well! Then We started on project “Thunderclap trailer” where we are going through pieces of videos from when Adam went to europe. We are still doing this at the moment and its really neat doing it. I went to school and found my two friends, one that went to cogeco and the other one that went to the police foundations. I talked to them and they said that there job is so boring, that hey are not actually editing, I told them I was having a great time and I explained the things that I have edited so far, I don’t think they were too impressed.

I also have met more then just one person here, I met two girls named Katie, being a member of Brainkite, and Lauren, another co-op student from another school. Both of them being really good people and I enjoy working with them. Over all, my experience in Brainkite has been awesome and its a experience that I am not going to forget anytime soon, thanks again Adam.”

~Aaron St. Louis

Niagara Falls Night of Art

A post from Co-op Student, Devon Meeks

“For my next week, pretty much every day I was helping with the Cardboard Box Project. There were at least 100 different cardboard buildings already, and even that wasn’t enough. We had to have lots ready for the Niagara Falls Night of Art. So we all worked hard on completing the boxes in time. By the time the Night of Art rolled around, we were all set. The houses were loaded onto a trailer, and brought to the Farmer’s Market area. For the first 2 hours, we were to set up a graffiti like entry out on and in front of the museum. The result was a giant red web, with pantyhose and balloons making up the strings. Adam managed to capture a time lapse of it’s construction. It stretched from the museum to the flagpole, to a streetlight. I made jokes the whole time that we would be arrested for doing this, because it looked like a nicer version of TPing the place. After that, we had to set up the cardboard boxes. We were given an old garage, and we cleaned it out. I have never seen so much dust collected on a floor. After sweeping, and emerging in a cloud of dust, we headed to the nearest pawn shop to find a smoke machine. Previously I had met some of Adam’s friends and associates, and not surprisingly, they were just as nice and relaxed as him and Katie. We returned with a cool smoke machine, for a good deal. I had to leave at that point, because it was 3 and I had to work at the restaurant. I promised to come back at night and see it all set up and in action. After work, I met up with a buddy of mine and we biked to the Farmer’s Market to see the exhibit. We walked into the garage to see a giant projected video of everyone working on the boxes, as well as about 40 houses set up with lights and smoke. It looked amazing. I was thanked many times by Adam and Katie, and I felt that this Co-op placement was a diamond in the rough. I am one lucky bugger. “

My Experience with Brainkite and on the Set of “Greater Than”

A post from our Co-Op student Devon Meeks:

“Co-op is a weird thing. Working with a company for 2 credits towards graduation is a huge contrast to normal book work. I actually have a job as a cook in a kitchen, so I thought co-op would be similar to my experiences with the kitchen. But it is so much more.

After 3 weeks of being rejected or ignored by the placements I applied for, I was approached by my co-op teacher. She told me of a small company that may have some video- oriented work I could help out with. So I looked it up on the web. Brainkite Artistic Solutions; doesn’t look like a video production company. I browsed through their work, and was confused by what the teacher had told me. The work on the website, while being very creative, doesn’t seem to be what I was looking for. I asked my teacher why they would need someone for video work here. She said, in a very confusing way, that the head of the company had connections with a production company. Intrigued, I landed an interview and headed to Queen Street. I found the building difficult to find, because I was unaware that it was unfinished. Once I actually did find it, I was blown away by what I found on the inside. As soon as I walked in, intricate cardboard box houses lined the walls. I was taken downstairs and even more houses were down there. There I met Adam, Brainkite’s leading man, and Katie, leading lady. I was surprised how casual they were, making my interview a lot less nerve-racking. They told me I had the placement, and soon enough I was coming everyday after lunch to help them with their projects.

I demonstrated some of my skills with Adobe After Effects briefly, but was soon helping them finish the cardboard box houses. Now, this was way out of my comfort level, merely because I’m not artistically inclined in the slightest bit. But I saw it as a fun challenge, and with some help from Katie, I actually felt like a helping hand. I was told that the houses were for 3 specific projects: an Art Show Entry, Music Video, and Parade Float. By the end of the week, I was actually not too bad at putting on windows. It was then that Adam asked if I would like to help him and some associates out on Saturday. I said definitely, and was told that it was a movie set and I would be an assistant. Excited, I got to Brainkite HQ at 8am on Saturday Morning. I helped load the car, and we drove to the set location. We arrived at the German Village, an old time bar and entertainment building. “Perfect for a Gangster Bar” as Adam put it. There I met The God In The Grass Productions crew. I was told to help out Katie in any way, as she was doing set design. So we set up the Mob Bosses Office, complete with charts, paintings, fake brandy, and desk trinkets. The room transformed substantially by the time we were done with it. The bar was also being prepped, and I met the actor who was playing the bartender on the film. I was actually wondering when the main actor would show up, as he seemed to be the only one missing. So I sat down and took out my camera to snap some stills while I was waiting. Then Darryl, Producer, yelled for quiet on set. Confused, I peered around the corner to see Adam, dressed for his part, with a fake sawnoff shotgun. I admit I was stunned. The head person of Brainkite was also the main actor in this film. And boy did he shine in the role. After about 30 takes, all with separate audio tracks and different angles, We moved into the mob bosses room. The actors walked in and were given more fake guns. Then the Boss walked in, sporting a full track suit and a perfect Russian accent. A fog machine was set up, and after getting lighting from outside the windows perfect, they shot the next scene. Adam and Maurice (Mob Bosses Character Name) shined on the camera. They worked so well together, and were very patient with getting the perfect shot. I was even given the duty of marking the shots, which was awesome. It was getting late, and I couldn’t stay too late. So regrettfully I left, and I was thanked all around for my volunteering.   Now that, was a wicked experience.”

I hate Autumn but I love Brainkite

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A post from our Co-Op student Lauren:

 “So far working with Brainkite -Adam Buller and Katie Webb, has been an inspiring and awesome learning experience. On September 28th and 29th I assisted them in setting up their two art installations. The cardboard city and the web. These were for the Creative Currents Niagara night of Art event that was happening across the niagara region. There installations being located on Main St. Niagara Falls. Hearing about the two projects was fascinating enough, and being involved in putting together the final project was a fun and interesting process. Adam made a time lapse video of us putting together both the cardboard city and the web, which was such a fascinating way to see it all come together. Building the giant interactive magenta web that was across the Niagara History museum was a remarkable experience. It was enjoyable to watch the people driving by take “triple-takes” at the spectacle we were creating, and seeing their expressions of awe. The web was able to fully engross and intrigue the viewer. Coming back at night to see the Installations during the event was like they were brought to life. The cardboard city was lit up and smoking accompanied by insane sound effects depicting every sound you can hear within a city. The web had lights aimed at it casting shadows along the museum. Being apart of the setup for these installations was very fulfilling. Being with Brainkite for my Co-op couldn’t be more stimulating and inspiring to my own personal growth and thirst as an artist. Being able to help Adam and Katie with their own ideas and projects is helping me acquire the skills and knowledge that will be helpful and essential for my growth as an art student. Thus far working with Brainkite has been an overall unique, fun and encouraging experience.”

A post from our youngest volunteer Lyssa

Hey I’m Lyssa, I’m thirteen and I live in Niagara Falls.

I found out about the Brainkite studio over Kijiji. My mom was very enthusiastic about this opportunity and encouraged me to find out more.  I love it here at the studio. The people I work with are extremely friendly, and are willing to help out with any problems.  I have finished a couple buildings which were a library, a repair shop and a very awesome looking house.  I am aiming to make some more cool buildings before the summer starts. I really can’t wait to make my next building, that is, when I think of what to make:)  I do think my work has been improving with every building. My cuts are getting cleaner, my lines are getting straighter and I am enjoying it more and more.